Sledgehammer Games dropped a new trailer today showing off every aspect of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Story, multiplayer and the co-op mode, Exo Survival, got face time in the trailer titled ‘Power Changes Everything.’

Kevin Spacey? check. Tons of soldiers in futuristic gear, check? Amazing graphics? Call of Duty usually isn’t a looker, but Sledgehammer Games has upped the graphics tremendously.

Exo Survival shows up towards the latter half of the trailer below. Looks a lot like horde mode from various shooters in the past. The mode is round based with enemies ranging from regular soldiers to drones, heavy mechs and boosters. Modern Warfare 3 had a similar mode called Survival.

IGN revealed a few more details about the game mode as part of their IGN First coverage. One of the biggest details is that Exo Survival will be class based. “We each chose one of three classes: Light, a faster loadout with less firepower, a Heavy, who’s slower, or Specialist, who’s in the middle,” IGN explains in their article. What about Kevin Spacey? C’mon Sledgehammer, you have to let us play as him.

I won’t spoil all of IGN’s coverage, so head on over to find out more including how many rounds are in Exo Survival and how progression works.


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