EA’s Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare just hit a new milestone. 8 million players in over 1.4 billion games.

“While it may not take itself too seriously, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring that Garden Warfare was seriously fun, and one of the greatest, craziest shooters ever,” the developer wrote in a blog post.

Here’s how we play:

PvZ stats

Yep, that about matches up with how I play. Crazy to see the big differences between the first and second most popular class on both sides. It’ll be interesting to see if PopCap Games tries to shorten these gaps in the PvZ Garden Warfare 2.

And who says we can’t be team players in shooters? Check out the number of Heal Beam deployments. 4.9 billion times. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Thanks EA Access

EA Access is one of the best surprises in gaming over the past couple of years. Without it, I would never have even thought about trying PvZ Garden Warfare. Now? I can’t wait for the sequel. Plus, it’s great for all ages. My nephew is a little young to be blowing limbs off in Black Ops III. But Garden Warfare is perfect, and he loves it.

PopCap is celebrating the milestone by giving players 80,000 coins.

Mass Effect and PvZ collide

Are you a PvZ and Mass Effect fan? PopCap cooked up something just for you. As a pre-order bonus, players will have immediate access to the new Grass Effect Z7-Mech. Check it out in action below.

Get ready to smash plants with this Mass Effect inspired mech on February 23, 2016.

And here’s another video highlighting the new character classes coming in PvZ Garden Warfare 2.

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