Nintendo unleashed their new console, and it’s everything Nintendo fans love about the company. Oh, and you can play Skyrim on the go. Nintendo NX is now Nintendo Switch. I’m digging it. Gives it a uniqueness that PS4 Pro or Xbox One S just doesn’t have. But enough talk, scope out the reveal trailer below.

All of us older gamers are Nintendo fans at heart. Sure, many of us have moved on to PC, Xbox or PlayStation – but it was Nintendo that cultivated our love for games. Nintendo Switch is doing everything right to bring this old Nintendo fan back.

The reveal trailer shows a few things, but also leaves me with plenty of questions. First, let’s talk about what we see.

Our first look shows a traditional game console setup. Playing games on a big screen with a regular controller.

Nintendo Switch on the couch

But Switch lives up to its name in a hurry. Want to take your game of Zelda with you? Slap two tiny controllers to the side of the screen in the docking station and off you go.

Nintendo Switch screen

Nintendo Switch zelda handheld

Cartridges are back.

Nintendo Switch cartridges

Skyrim on the go?!

Nintendo Switch skyrim

Nintendo might have me sold on this alone. Yes, Sony lets you Remote Play between the Vita and PS4 – but you’re streaming this over Wi-Fi. Nintendo Switch looks more like a traditional handheld device here. Don’t sleep on this feature. Playing third-party games like Skyrim on the move will be a huge selling point of Nintendo Switch. Here’s a list of partners working with Nintendo so far.

Nintendo Switch third party partners

The controller looks great. Thank you Nintendo for adopting the Xbox-style joystick layout. I don’t know how the hell people enjoy thumbsticks right beside each other. Offsetting them is the way it’s meant to be.

Nintendo Switch controller

Nintendo is pushing local multiplayer big time in their first trailer. We can see up to four people playing a basketball game at one point via two Nintendo Switches. What we don’t see is any ‘regular’ multiplayer at home. Online multiplayer has always been an area Nintendo lags behind in. Will that continue with Switch? Is Nintendo solely focused on bringing gaming back to a more social (in-person) activity? We just don’t know. And it’s way too early to speculate.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Nintendo wants to show off the strengths of Switch in their first trailer. And that’s focused solely on taking games on the go.

More questions

Namely, price and specs. We see two different controllers showcased in the trailer. The what I’m assuming are the stock controllers (the small ones attached to the sides of the screen) and the ‘Pro’ controller. Does one Nintendo Switch come with everything? Or, are we buying the ‘Pro’ controller separately.

What about specs? We see Switch playing Skyrim. But what about performance when gaming on the go? Is it the same?

And price? Obviously, it won’t cost too much. $399 is probably about the upper limit Nintendo can push here. But today is just the reveal. These questions will be answered as we get closer to next year’s release.

All I know is Nintendo has my attention. Big time. And everyone else’s. That’s what they aimed to accomplish today, and they knocked it out of the park. Old Nintendo is still alive and well. They could have easily gone the traditional console route. Instead, they are meshing their two biggest strengths together. First party games and handheld gaming. I can’t wait to see more.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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