UPDATE: Overwatch open beta officially announced. Runs from May 5 – May 9. Preorders get early access on May 3. Open beta is for PC, XBox One and PS4.

Remember how I said May was packed after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was delayed? Well, it just got even more packed. According to an ad on IGN, Blizzard’s Overwatch is coming May 24.

Overwatch release date ad

We’ve known Overwatch is coming in 2016, but before today, we haven’t seen any official date. Technically, this still isn’t official – but ad sales aren’t going to toss up a bogus date. The ad also reveals pre-orders get early access to the open beta starting on May 3.

Add Overwatch to the list of fantastic (at least, they look they will be) May games including Uncharted 4, DOOM and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. News of Overwatch in May does make me wonder if DOOM or Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst try to shift their release window. A delay of either game wouldn’t surprise me, but I think they hold firm. Summer months aren’t the game release wasteland they used to be. If there is a delay, which game do you think it will be?

Overwatch basics

In the dark about Overwatch? Here are a few basic facts to know ahead of its May 24th release date. And a gameplay trailer.

It’s coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Overwatch was first revealed for PC, but Blizzard announced Xbox One and PS4 versions in November.

It’s not free-to-play. Blizzard is not going the free-to-play route with Overwatch. The standard edition on PC costs $40 while the cheapest version on Xbox One and PS4 hits the traditional $60 price point.

No cross-platform play. We’ve seen what cross-platform play can do for a community. Just look at Rocket League on PC/PS4. The Xbox One community is doing fine, but there’s an obvious increase in players on the PC/PS4 versions. Overwatch is opting not to include cross-platform play. It’s a bummer, but understandable. You can make the argument Rocket League plays easier on a controller. That’s not an argument you can make with a shooter. You can’t beat the precision of a mouse and keyboard.

Free post-launch heroes and maps. While the base game costs $40-$60, Blizzard’s post-launch plans will be free. That includes new heroes and maps.

Blizzard is listening to the community. Every couple of weeks Game Director Jeff Kaplan talks about issues brought forward by the community. In his latest, Kaplan touches on Ranked Play, designing an in-game matchmaker and what the Overwatch team is doing to help server connections for players in regions such as Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.


There you have it. Overwatch is coming in May. What’s your gaming haul look like for May now? I’m in a toss up between buying Overwatch for PC or consoles. Most of my shooter friends play on Xbox One, but the community will probably be much larger on PC. What platform are you buying Overwatch for?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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