Just like that, $1.1 million raised for the Pillars of Eternity sequel. Yesterday, Obsidian Entertainment announced Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig (Obsidian’s CEO sits on Fig’s advisory board). The developers asked for $1.1 million and gamers responded in a hurry. The $1.1 million goal was eclipsed in less than 24 hours.

But with 28 days of crowdfunding left, Obsidian revealed a new stretch goal. For $300,000 more ($1.4 million), two sub-classes per class will make their way into the game. The devs plan to release an update later today diving deeper into this feature.

The game’s crowdfunding page mentions multiclassing. Here’s what Obsidian had to say about that:

This would offer players and companions alike the chance to branch their available skills over time, opening the way for more opportunities for the role-playing and customization that our fans deserve. Choice, as ever, is vital to the experience of role-playing games. By taking levels in multiple classes, your characters will be able to evolve in new and unique ways.

I’m not sure if sub-classing builds on multiclassing, or if Obsidian is just talking about more multiclassing here. We’ll know more when they release their update later today.

Right now, the total amount pledged for Deadfire stands at $1.1 million.

As for the development itself? Deadfire is in production right now. This the meat of the development process. Characters, gameplay systems and the entire game takes shape here. After this phase, the game enters Alpha, Beta and finally release. If everything goes smoothly, Deadfire will hit digital storefronts in 2018.

Crowdfunding through Fig gives them a little help on the development funding side of things, but more importantly – it gets you involved. “Your feedback and community support made it amazing! Our team wants to take you on a second journey to Eora,” writes Obsidian.

We’ll see how quickly the stretch goal falls. Look for Obsidian to add even more features based on how the funding progresses. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still need to finish my playthrough of the first Pillars of Eternity.

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