The folks at Bluehole needed to rollback this week’s patch yesterday after memory crash problems surfaced following the update. This morning, the devs announced the patch would not be coming today. An update will be coming early next week on when we can expect it.

Optimization and sound fixes were the big ticket items with this week’s patch. The big one for me is the adjustment to the volume for wind, rain and footsteps. Bluehole dived into the sound issues a bit more in their patch notes.

“As we work on the sound system in-game, there may be unforeseen issues due to changes we make at a low level. One of these, which a lot of you reported, was footstep sounds. This issue occurred due to our adding of an occlusion system to footstep sounds. Due to a miscalculation of how much these sounds would be occluded, footsteps ended up being very hard to hear. This has now been fixed, and with the new occlusion system it should be much easier for you to track a player’s movement using sound alone.”

Door sounds are also being adjusted to make them louder. Hearing gunshots is no problem, but someone opening your door? You better have your headphones cranked up. And if it’s raining? Good luck.

Rain is also getting tweaked a little, but thunder is also getting added. That’ll make for some fun moments as folks time up their shot with the rumbling of thunder. Here’s a look at all the fixes coming in Week 2’s patch (now Week 3).

Performance Improvements

Client performances have improved when loading buildings from a mid-distance
Server performance has been improved


Fixed an issue with door sounds playing at low volume
Adjusted volume of wind, rain, and footsteps
Improved the sounds for the buggy
When in rainy weather, you will now sporadically hear thunder sounds

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that allowed players to hide and attack other players from inside a rock
Applied additional fixes to address the issue of players going under the map in certain areas
Fixed several issues with weapon switching
Fixed an issue with the compass direction not displaying correctly

The crash problem is the main priority for the team. Once that’s fixed, Week 2’s patch will roll out again. We’ll know more on Monday or Tuesday. Right now, we’re at a “maybe” for this week’s patch to come next week.

battlegrounds patch delayed

From PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds official Discord

Even with Battlegrounds’ issues, I’m still hooked. Now, let’s just get some client side optimization and the rubber banding issues completely fixed.

How is Battlegrounds running for you?

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