Sony’s Playstation 4 and Vita is coming to China on March 20. The Playstation brands were initially set to invade China back in January, but were delayed. Sony never did say why, other than ‘various factors.’

Playstation 4’s launch in China will mark Sony’s first foray into China. The country recently lifted a 14-year ban on foreign console sales last year.

The PS4 will cost 2,899 RMB ($468). The Vita comes in at 1,299 RMB ($210)

Sony is offering various PS4 bundles to Chinese gamers with games including Dynasty Warriors 8, Knack, Rayman Legends and Trials Fusion. Vita owners can expect Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD.

The bundle below will have collectors wanting to take a trip to China or import it. Check out the limited Dragon Edition of the PS4 and Vita below.

playstation dragon edition

That is one sweet looking console.

The Chinese Console Market

On paper, launching in China sounds like a great idea. Hundreds of millions of potentially untapped customers. The reality is a lot different. Most people in China who wanted a console probably already got one on the grey market. The rest? They are more than content with playing PC free-to-play games.

Microsoft released their Xbox One in China last year, but hasn’t seen strong sales. Then again, Microsoft’s primary market is North America. Maybe Sony will have a better showing.

It’s not just console makers seeing challenges. Developers also have their share. Take Call of Duty for example. The Zombies co-op mode is beloved in the West. But, the Chinese version is getting Cyborgs instead of Zombies due to Chinese restrictions. That’s just one example of how developers may have to change their games a bit if they plan on releasing in China.


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