Now give it to us already. Sorry Bluehole, you’re spoiling us with the regular content additions. There’s still no word on when we can start beating PUBG’s toughest enemy. I’m looking at you white picket fence. But one of the programmers at Bluehole did give us another look at the vaulting mechanics.

You can tell the folks at Bluehole are trying to get it right. The vaulting mechanic isn’t as simple as you think. It will completely change how some gunfights play out. Being able to jump out of a building without going through the doors is huge. So is scaling walls, fences, and containers. And whatever other perches millions of PUBG players will undoubtedly figure out.

But Bluehole is also paying attention to the potential pitfalls of vaulting. Like locking you into a climbing animation. The short clip shows how you can stop mid-vault or even back down after initiating a climb. That’s a big deal. Vaulting sounds cool until you start climbing and then notice a squad of four in front of you. Being able to cancel is just one more tool for enhancing how fights play out.

The above video does say it’s a “work in progress” with “placeholder animations.” If vaulting stays like this, we’ll see vault speed determined by how fast you are moving. We also see how you can get to places by vaulting on two separate objects.

As for a release date? When vaulting does hit, it’ll probably come with one of the big monthly updates. Bluehole tends to drop those during the last week of each month. But with July’s update pushed to the first week of August, we don’t know how that will affect the release schedule going forward. Best bet? Last week of August or first week of September.

Maybe we’ll hear a more specific release date for vaulting at Gamescom next week.

Bluehole’s community manager says an announcement is coming soon.

PUBG will have a huge presence with the Gamescom Invitational Tournament. Brendan Greene, the creative director for PUBG, will also be giving a public keynote on Wednesday (August 23). He’ll talk about he went from a modder like thousands of gamers to creative director of the most popular game on Steam not made by Valve.

In other PUBG news, 10,255+ tons of chicken have been served. 1 in 6,000 players ate in their first game. I’ve eaten about 50 times. How about you?

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