It looks like Nintendo is finally about to make its big splash in mobile gaming. Reports of the game blew up over the weekend after a tweet from the Pokemon World Championships appeared to show the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on an iPad.

Since these reports, both Venturebeat and Polygon have received confirmation the game is coming from a representative of The Pokemon Company.

Nintendo has been one of the few companies who has not tried to take advantage of the explosion in mobile gaming. Earlier this year, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata said they would explore ways to use smartphones and tablets to drive consumers to their games. That begins with Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Does this mean we will start seeing tons of Nintendo games on mobile devices? You never know. Nintendo has been staunchly against mobile in the past. That’s changing now. While Pokemon makes sense (especially as a card game), I still don’t think Nintendo will go all in and bring Mario and Zelda to mobile.

As for a release date for Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Siliconera is reporting of a ‘shocking’ Pokemon announcement on August 26th. Maybe the two are related. Mobile games do have quick turnarounds when it comes to announcement and release.

We will keep you posted when an official release date is announced. One other quick note, Nintendo’s stock (NTDOY) is reacting positively to today’s news. Investors are pushing the stock up more than 4% at $14.36.


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