The dream of deathmatch or any new game mode in Rainbow Six Siege is dead. You’ll get one life and one life only. It’s a bummer, but I can’t fault the developers too much for this. Rainbow Six Siege is popular because it stuck to what it does well. Why dilute it with game modes that were never designed for the maps.

PCGamer recently chatted with brand director Alexandre Remy about game modes and Siege. Here’s what he said in part:

“We concluded that there are some foundations to Siege that we want to keep: attack versus defense, destruction, operators, and [only having] one life. That is the DNA of the game.”

It’s hard not to respect the devs on this one. It would be easy to toss in some new game modes to pad the post-launch support. Instead, the devs are focusing on what makes Siege stand out. What offers the most value to those who’ve been playing since the beginning, and the new players that jump in every week. Operators.

Tossing in deathmatch won’t change the game much. Sure, you get respawns – but there’s no added depth. But Operators? They change the game. New abilities mean all new ways to play each side.

Let’s take a quick look at the two new operators coming in Operation Velvet Shell.



And here’s an extended look at both Operators in action.

Year Two will follow the same template as the first year. Eight new operators across four new maps. And based on Remy’s comments to PCGamer, the devs have many more years planned. Remy says they want at least 50 Operators. He explains how the devs want players to be able to pick from multiple Operators that can do similar roles. He pointed to Thermite as an example. Thermite was a must pick on Offense to penetrate reinforced walls. Then Hibana came along, and players could pick him instead for the same role. Look for the next batch of Operators to add depth and offer new choices for familiar roles.

Check out the rest of PCGamer’s piece to see where Year Two and beyond is heading. After watching the best Siege players duke it out over the weekend, I’m ready to jump back in.

What do you think of the decision to not add any new game modes? Stick with what works for them, or take a few chances with new modes?

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