Rainbow Six Siege scored a well-deserved nomination for ‘Best Multiplayer Game’ for The Game Awards. All thanks to a fantastic game with even better support. That support continues tomorrow with Operation Red Crow.

Let’s take a look at the trailer.

The highlight is two new operators – Hibana and Echo. Both represent Japan’s S.A.T (Special Assault Teams). It’s the units police call in when they need heavier response than they can traditionally provide.

Hibana brings another entry expert to the attacking side. Thermite won’t be the end all, be all for breaching reinforced points anymore.

Hibana is armed with the ‘X-Kairos,’ a 40 mm caliber launcher equipped with explosive pellets. She can place more than one and detonate them simultaneously from a safe distance. With the option to choose an assault rifle, Hibana should jump quickly to the top of the list for attacking Operators. I know it’ll be a nice change of pace from picking Thermite all the time.

Echo joins Twitch as the harassing operators on the defending side. Where Twitch’s drone rolled around on the ground, Echo’s takes to the sky. Instead of zapping you with electricity, this drone hammers you with an ultrasonic burst and disorients you. All while providing a live video feed to you. It’ll be fun watching teams on defense set up ambushes with Echo.

Siege’s latest pair of operators come with a new map. Set atop a Skyscraper above the streets of Nagoya, Japan, two teams will face off in the usual slate of modes. Here’s a better look at the map.

And it wouldn’t be a Siege update without a host of new features and fixes. One of the biggest is caliber-based destruction. Check out how different guns’ bullets punch through walls.

Rainbow Six Siege bullet penetration

The devs detail every single fix over at their blog post, but I do want to highlight one more. Arm and neck shot changes. I want to talk about neck shots. We’ve all had it happen. You think you nail a headshot, but the guy isn’t going down. It looked like a headshot through your scope, and the visual feedback of blood splatter all over the wall looks like a headshot.

According to the devs, what’s happening are neck shots. Before tomorrow’s update, neck shots had a multiplier of 2.5x damage. Tomorrow that changes to the same multiplier as the head. If you hit another player in the neck, it’ll count as a headshot.

Head on over to the Operation Red Crow page to see the full list of fixes coming tomorrow. It’s a hefty one.

And don’t worry Siege fans. Tomorrow’s update is only the beginning.

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