Rocket League AquaDome Keeps It Simple, And That’s What I Want
Rocket League Aquadome

Psyonix just doesn’t know when to slow down. And it’s awesome. I’m still enjoying the hell out of the Rumble update. Next month, the best game ever made (yeah, I said it) gets wet as it ventures into the ocean depths.

Watch Psyonix pull off some fancy shots in the Bioshock-y trailer below:

Dammit Psyonix, don’t encourage people. The only time I can pull off those twirling aerial shots is if I get slammed into it. That shit is like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. I just can’t do it.

AquaDome might not pack the sheer amount of content we saw in Rumble, but it does pack something Rocket League hasn’t seen in awhile. A new Arena. It’s the first standard Arena since Utopia Coliseum.

AquaDome tosses out the raised surfaces, pillars and octagons from recent maps and gets back down to basics. Boost pickups and a flat surface. Finally, another new map for me to lose rank in.

AquaDome hits every Rocket League playlist in October. From Rumble to Competitive. Thank you, Psyonix. Now, can we just go ahead and replace Wasteland with AquaDome in Competitive?

It wouldn’t be a Rocket League update without a pair of new rides to fly across AquaDome. The developers are keeping with the aquatic theme with Triton (a futuristic sub) and Proteus (a science research vessel). Both inexplicably have wheels now. Each new ride costs the usual $1.99.

A new Arena map is exactly what I want. Yeah, flying through the air with spikes on my car is more fun than it should be – but Doubles is my bread and butter. It’s great to see Competitive getting a little love this go around.

Psyonix continues to kill it with their support. And whoever is picking the soundtrack with each update, give them a raise. I haven’t hummed this much since I first played Halo.

No word on the exact date we’ll be playing AquaDome (besides October). I’ll update this post once I find out.

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