The SMITE World Championship kicks off on Thursday, January 7th. And to build some extra hype for the tournament, Hi-Rez Studios put together a cinematic trailer. Check it out below.

Yep, that’s a cinematic trailer alright. Never played SMITE and don’t quite understand what the hell is going on in the trailer? The cuts to the hellish looking area show three gods (characters in SMITE) fighting a Fire Giant. That’s a neutral boss that once killed gives that team a buff. Hence the glowing red eyes. The rest of the trailer is just your typically badass looking cinematic trailer showing off fights with various characters.

It looks cool, but I’m not digging the music choice.

SMITE World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios dropped the trailer a few days ahead of the SMITE World Championship. The best SMITE Pro teams will face off for their cut of a $1 million prize pool. The action gets started at 11:30 am ET when Epsilon Esports faces off against Isurus in the first placement round.

Here’s the schedule for all four days.

SMITE world championship schedule

The Xbox One version of SMITE is also getting some love. Four teams will compete for $150,000. Teams were selected across various tournaments hosted by MLG, UMG and ESL. The final spot will be decided at the World Championship during an open bracket tournament.

HRX 2016

It’s not just competitive gaming in Atlanta this weekend. Hi-Rez Expo will also be going on at the same time. Head on over to meet fellow Hi-Rez fans and try out new Hi-Rez games before they release including Paladins and Jetpack Fighter.

Cosplay is also a huge deal at the SMITE World Championship with the biggest die hard SMITE fans showing off their skills for $20,000 in prizes.

Hi-Rez Studios will be streaming all the SMITE action starting Thursday on their Twitch channel.

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