You have to love a JJ Abrams trailer. Could I be more hyped than I already was? You loveable bastard, Abrams.

In case you live under a rock, the final Star Wars trailer has landed. It hits damn near every note perfectly. And nice one JJ. The man had to throw a lens flare out there as a nod to all the people that complained about the overuse in Star Trek.

Let’s take two minutes and bask in the greatness of that trailer.

Ok, first thing for me is the X-Wing and TIE fighter action. Every time I watch the originals I’ve always longed for the day of full on dogfights in the sky. December 17, I get my Christmas wish.

TIE- Fighters vs X-wings

X-Wing and TIE fighters approach in Star Wars

X-Wings strafe stormtroopers

Look at the new TIE designs. Whoever made that call is spot on. They look amazing, as do the new X-Wings.

There is a drawback to the GIFs. Everything is in the atmosphere. No space battles. That doesn’t mean we won’t see them, but everything we know about the plot speaks to Episode VII having the rebels on the run.

In fact, the dialogue speaks to most thinking the stories of the Rebel victory at Endor as being a story. Same with the Jedi.

I can wrap my head around the Jedi notion. Who really knew Luke was a Jedi? If you got down and started naming names, not many. Hotshot pilot that destroyed the first Death Star? Plenty on Yavin 4.

The Jedi Master who killed Vader? Now that depends. Endor was chaotic. What I wish is that George Lucas didn’t add in the celebration scenes in the remaster. Everyone thinks of the end of Return of the Jedi and sees the crowds celebrating in Coruscant and around the galaxy.

That’s my main quibble with the trailer. I’m going to assume a lot will be answered, and Disney/Lucas have plenty to work with for standalone titles to explain what in the hell happened post-Endor.

X-wing and TIE fighters

I know they tossed the Expanded Universe, but can we get a movie about Thrawn? Or the close approximation of Thrawn.

You know my favorite parts of the trailer. What about you? Was it the amazing score? The Knights of Ren? Han and Chewie back in action? For only two minutes, there’s enough there to satisfy every Star Wars fan.


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