The Flappy Bird saga continues with its spiritual sequel this week. Swing Copters will hit a smart phone near you on Thursday. The base game will be free. $0.99 will remove the ads at the top of the screen.

Swing Copters trades the side to side movement of Flappy Bird for a trickier upwards movement. TouchArcade got their hands on the game early and uploaded a gameplay trailer. Check it out below.

Developer Doug Nguyen threw in moving obstacles to make the game tougher. “Swing Copters is hard,” writes Eli Hodapp. But, he loves it. After watching the video, I gotta say, it does look fun.

We’ll see if Swing Copters can copy the tremendous success of Flappy Bird over the next few weeks. I wonder how many clones we will see before the end of the week. I’m guessing at least a few dozen.

You can download Swing Copters this Thursday on iOS and Android.


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