Most of us are just now getting our first taste of The Division. The beta is live for Xbox One owners. PS4 and PC owners can start playing the beta tomorrow.

Like most games these days, post-launch DLC is well underway. Today, Ubisoft detailed the updates and DLC coming to The Division following its March 8th launch.

First, the free stuff. Besides the normal updates for tweaking and fixing inevitable bugs, the developers also plan to add new game modes including “group-oriented operations.” Ubisoft also talks about new features and functionality, but no specifics were given.

The inevitable season pass

Yeah, we all hoped for another Rainbow Six: Siege situation. Free DLC with paid cosmetics. But deep down, we all knew that wasn’t realistic for The Division. Its open-world nature is ripe for major DLC expansions. And that’s exactly what Ubisoft has planned.

Here are the specifics.

Expansion I: Underground

This first major expansion opens up a new area to players as they explore the uncharted underworld of New York City with up to 3 friends for intense co-op action.

Expansion II: Survival

In this expansion, players will have to survive as long as possible in a very hostile environment that will challenge even the most talented agents.

Expansion III: Last Stand

Stay tuned for more information.

Not a lot of details to go on, but it’s good to see the developers have plans to open the area beyond it’s initial map.

Other perks include exclusive weapons, outfits, special eventts and “exclusive content drops.”

I don’t see a specific price for the season pass, but Ubisoft says it’s included in the Gold Edition ($100) and the Collector’s Edition. I’m going to assume it’ll cost $50 for the standalone season pass.

Try before you buy

At least, most of us will know if we want to keep our pre-orders or not after this weekend. I’ll be diving into The Division starting tonight and will post impressions this weekend. With Red Storm Entertainment and Massive behind it, I have high hopes for The Division.

I wonder how everyone’s going to react to bullet-sponge enemies in a realistic setting. They work on Destiny because it’s a sci-fi setting. But will Tom Clancy fans be on board with it? It’ll be interesting to see the reactions.

Now Ubisoft, get Massive working on another World in Conflict game.

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