Just over a month ago, we all got a chance to play Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer for a few weeks. It’s always great to play games before they officially release. Plus, this beta was designed to mean something. Betas in recent years come out right before a game is released. Basically, they are glorified demos.

343 Industries let us take Halo 5: Guardians for a test spin way before the game releases. Why? To get tons of feedback and try to make the best Halo game possible.

Today, 343 Industries outlined exactly what that feedback has led to. More than 19,000 people participated in the Halo Community Feedback Program, or HCFP. Two surveys have been conducted so far to see how players would improve Halo 5: Guardians.

I’m going to highlight (bolded) 17 of the biggest improvements 343 Industries plans to implement below. Be sure to check out 343’s full post for all the improvements and changes.


Sprint isn’t going away, but 343 Industries will allow you to toggle the ability in custom games. It’s not the perfect solution, but it is something. I think an ideal solution would be a server browser to allow players to choose how they want to play the game. Something like Battlefield 4. Official servers with 343’s ruleset, and custom servers to cater to others. I think custom (private) games limits people who enjoy playing with no sprint too much.

Other notable changes coming to movement include:

Increase base speed (faster base movement)
Increase strafe acceleration (faster, more responsive strafing)
Reduce top sprint speed (narrow the delta between base movement and sprint)
Modify Ground Pound controls to prevent conflicts w/ crouch jumping


The Smart-Link aiming system is here to stay. Even though its mostly aesthetic, many Halo fans don’t like ADS (aim down sight). There will be some subtle changes to some weapons in Smart-Link mode. Most notably, automatic weapons. 343 will reduce bonuses for automatic weapons in Smart-Link & w/headshots.

Other improvements for weapons include:

Sniper Rifle: improve scope experience to making it less ‘clunky’ and faster to scope
Bring back the SPNKr Rocket Launcher as a legendary version of the weapon
Remove grenade detonation in mid-air based on weapon fire

Presentation, Medals and Chatter

343 Industries touched on how each match is presented and the thought process behind it. Here’s what they said.

The arena multiplayer experience was designed with a competitive theme. We imagined this to be a place where Spartans would train against one another in preparation for upcoming battles. As such there would be a certain amount of comradery, gamesmanship and fanfare involved. We approached match presentation as though these showdowns might be broadcast within the UNSC to other enlisted military watching intently as the Spartans trained.

343 did say they will tone down “chest bumps and high fives.”

Post-death replay will now be an opt-in feature. You’ll see a traditional follow-cam now. Viewing your death replay (killcam) will be an option.

Other improvements include less frequent medals, the option to disable Spartan chatter and tuning the announcer. Please don’t get rid of ‘puurrfect’.


The biggest improvement coming to matchmaking will be the option to set which datacenter you connect to. Titanfall had a similar feature. 343 will also focus on punishing quitters, faster matchmaking, better skill matching and more.

343 is addressing a lot. You should definitely check out the full post for every single improvement.

I enjoyed my time with Halo 5: Guardians. I’m still not a fan of Sprint and Smart-Link, but it’s good to see 343 taking player feedback seriously and being open to change.

Now, it just needs to work on day one.


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