I finally got a few games of Battlefield 1 Conquest in last night after DICE opted to remove the time limit. The timer goes up now instead of down. Before the change, matches lasted 18 minutes. It was more like 17 and change by the time everyone loaded the next match from the post-game screen.

My biggest issue with the 18-minute Conquest was it was too short. There just wasn’t enough time to mount a comeback. And with the new changes made to Conquest, it feels like you need a lot more time to turn a match around. If your team gets decimated in the first initial push towards the flags, it’s hard to recover in just 18 minutes.

Ditching the timer helps. My matches last night ranged from 20 minutes to more than 30 minutes depending how close they were. The 21 minute match was a one-sided affair with my team winning 300-142. Another match lasted 32 minutes and was much tighter. We lost 243-300.

With no timer, the matches are finally starting feeling similar to the Conquest of old.

Old Conquest vs. New Conquest

Battlefield 1 conquest map

Let’s talk about how DICE changed Conquest in Battlefield 1 compared to previous Battlefield games.

Before, DICE used a ‘ticket’ system. Each life counts as a ticket. And whoever controls the most flags bleeds tickets from the opposing team quicker. The rate of the ticket loss is determined by how many flags are captured. It also incentivized revives. Reviving a downed player saves that players’ ticket.

In Battlefield 1, DICE did away with the ticket system. Instead, both teams start at 0 and gain points by capturing flags. Capture more flags, gain more points. It’s pretty much a big ass game of Domination. Deaths don’t count against you like they do in the old Conquest. Granted, if you die a lot that means you’re not defending/capturing flags.

Now, which system do you prefer? I like the old-style Conquest. For two reasons. One, it’s how I’ve played Conquest for years and I didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Two, a couple of good players could turn a match around quicker. That’s still the case in Battlefield 1, but to a lesser extent. When kills counted against the ticket pool, a handful of players could single-handedly carry their team to victory.

That doesn’t mean I hate what DICE is doing in Battlefield 1. In fact, there is one thing I love (and hate depending on which team I’m on). Because kills don’t impact a ticket pool, people who play Snipers aren’t as useful. Depending on how they play, they’re pretty much worthless. Parked atop a rock or sand dune the whole match? You’re not helping. Sniping while moving throughout the map capturing objectives? I like you.

I still prefer the old system, though. Why DICE fixed something that isn’t broken, I’ll never understand. Battlefield’s Conquest has gone unchanged for years. What sparked the change?

Did they want to simplify the mode to cater to casual players? How could anyone think old Conquest was complicated?

Or, maybe they wanted to put more emphasis on objectives? It’s still just a big version of Domination at this point. C’mon DICE, give us back the old Conquest. I don’t like change.

At least it’s still fun. Stampeding around on horse with a sabre is incredible. The hit registration is way too lenient, but I don’t care. Slicing through an entire squad will never get old.

What do you think? Do you prefer the old Conquest system or the new? Or, don’t care?

Get your Battlefield 1 time in today. The beta wraps up tomorrow.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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