We all have it. The one cabinet – ok, I might have two – filled with assorted plastic food storage containers. Tupperware, Ziploc, etc.

You know the names and while stackable, it inevitably turns into a jumbled mess. And the lids somehow get up and walk away. FoldFlat has seen my kitchen cabinets and wanted to make things easier.

A former British Army officer, Ben Strange, aims to change the way we store leftovers. It’s on us to eat the leftovers and not let them turn into mini science projects. Not that I would know anything about that…

foldflat containers

The Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise the cash to go from prototype to full production by April 2016. No outsourcing of manufacturing. It’s being kept in the UK to save time on shipping and make it easier for changes on the fly if a problem pops up.

Explaining FoldFlat Containers

The best way? Imagine if your Tupperware learned origami overnight. That’s FoldFlat. Each container folds neatly down and can be stored inside the included lid. Locking clips add both stability when in use and keep the containers locked up.

Sorry lids. No disappearing act.

For the first run, the company is sticking to one size. Available in either blue or white, the container can hold 54 ounces and in just over 2.5 inches high. Yes, it is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Perfect for packing a healthier lunch to work and avoiding time at the sink.

Looking to avoid BPA? FoldFlat is completely BPA-free.

Meal Prep for Fitness Enthusiasts

One use case I didn’t see in the video is meal prep. Fitness enthusiasts have embraced the art of prepping all their meals for the entire week. Here’s what that looks like:

A photo posted by Amir Cannon (@amircannon) on

Awesome and a bit intimidating. Click through on the Instagram to get a full breakdown. Amir is one of the more famous meal prep proponents.

If I thought I had that one cabinet full of plastic containers, imagine if I went hardcore and tried meal prep. To me, FoldFlat offers the perfect balance for people looking to plan their entire weekly menu ahead of time and keeping it all organized.

foldflat and meal prep

Done with a day? Wash and fold the containers up. Stack them on a shelf for the next week.

It’s just one of countless use ideas for FoldFlats.

FoldFlat Crowdfunding

The Indiegogo campaign went live mere hours ago with 36 days to go. FoldFlat’s goal? About $110,000 to fully flesh out prototypes, tooling and manufacturing. Stretch goals include an additional size and color options.

Price? It depends on how many you want. Just need a better lunchbox? About $20 and will ship by April. Big eater? Two are priced at around $37. The campaign is priced in British Pounds, causing a bit of fluctuation in either direction when converting to dollars.

What about a family pack? Five FoldFlats have an early bird special at $53. Want to go meal prep crazy with FoldFlat? A pack of 20 is priced at $214. And all twenty can fold and pack nicely on a shelf, or you can finally have your cabinets make some sense organizationally.

Besides, are you really saying no to someone with a perfect British accent? Head over to Ben’s Indiegogo campaign to learn more.

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