Irony. How does it work?

During a recent segment on immigration, Fox News brandished a new logo called, “Defending the Homeland.”

See the image above. Below is the BioShock Infinite logo.

BioShock Infinite logo

Bioshock Infinite fans instantly saw the similarities. The similarities are so close even Bioshock Infinite designer Ken Levine responded on Twitter.

Here’s where it gets ironic. BioShock Infinite takes place on the floating city of Columbia. The city is ruled by a political party called the Founders, who promotes ultra-nationalism and religious zealotry. Propaganda throughout the fictional city calls for patriots to take up arms against foreigners and anarchists. Are you shaking your head in an amazement yet?

The new logo aired in a recent interview with Governor Rick Perry who invited President Obama to see the “immigration crisis” himself. You can’t make this stuff up.

Looking for a headache or a sprained neck from shaking your head so much? Check out the segment below.


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