The Hideo Kojima/Konami saga finally came to an end yesterday. And Kojima bounced back quickly with a partnership with Sony. What’s his new game about? What does the partnership exactly mean? We know what the game isn’t. Sony says the game will not be tied to Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill (Konami owns both IPs). It will be “something completely new.”

A Q&A from a PlayStation EU Community Manager gives us a bit more insight into the deal between Kojima and Sony.

Exclusive to PS4 or console exclusive: The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).

On what exactly the agreement entails: Kojima Productions has agreed to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to PS4. We do not disclose further details.

Independent or part of SCE WWS? It is an independent studio.

Obviously, Kojima has a close relationship with Sony. But staying independent does give them some room to look to other platforms. We do know Kojima’s first game is coming to PC, which is smart. PC gaming is more popular than ever, and it would be a mistake to limit yourself to just one platform.

On future Kojima Productions games: We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Translation? Sony knows Kojima’s brand is one of the strongest out there, and they wanted to lock him up quick. You have to think Microsoft will want Kojima’s games on their platform at some point, though. It’ll be intriguing to see how long Kojima stays console exclusive with Sony platforms.

Will SCE WWS and Kojima Productions develop the first title together? The software title will be developed by Kojima Productions, but SCE will provide support as necessary.

I’m curious to see the scope of Kojima’s first game as an independent studio. Metal Gear Solid games were notorious for costing a lot of money to make. But they also made an epic ton of money. What do you think? Will Kojima’s next game be just as large as his previous ones, or will it be smaller?

Is the studio headquartered in Japan? Yes, headquarters is in Japan. Address is not disclosed.


That’s about all the meaningful info from the Q&A. The rest of the questions were answered with variations of no comment.

So, there you have it. Kojima is no longer under the control of a company who doesn’t appreciate him. His next game won’t be Metal Gear Solid, but it will probably have just as much hype around it. My prediction? A mobile game. Can you imagine the sh$%storm that would cause? It would almost be worth it to see the meltdowns. Almost.

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