Create your own world destroying virus on Steam tomorrow with the early access release of Plague Inc.: Evolved. The game was launched as a mobile title last year.

How much will Plague Inc.: Evolved cost? $14.99.

Plague Inc.: Evolved will include “significant enhancements” from the original mobile version according to developer Ndemic Creations. Some of these enhancements including co-op and competitive multiplayer, customizable scenarios and Steam Workshop functionality will be added as game development progresses.

“I am launching on Early Access because the core Plague Inc. game is done and I want to let players help me shape the major new features that will be added – like Multiplayer and the Scenario Creator. At the moment, you can play all of the core single player game with 7 disease types and 3 cheat modes – redeveloped from scratch for PC with significant enhancements,” writes James Vaughn, co-founder of Ndemic Creations.

If the launch goes smoothly, Ndemic games intend to have the game feature complete and out of early access within a few months.

Ndemic will be releasing a new trailer for Plague Inc.: Evolved very soon. I’ll update this post when it releases. James will also be doing a Reddit AMA next Wednesday, February 26th at 10 AM PST.

Updates for the mobile game will continue and Ndemic promises an announcement soon. James teased the announcement and wrote, “very cool stuff is planned!”


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