Is Sega about to pull a Lazarus? I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but a group is pushing the narrative that the best days of Sega hardware are still ahead. Project Dream, a group of hardcore Sega fans, is grabbing the reigns to enlist every Sega fan in the fight for a second Dreamcast.

The crux of the project is the ‘Dreamcast 2’ would be a custom Sega console built on PC hardware. Sega is already putting its hardware in arcade machines, why not back into our living rooms?

At least, that’s the argument being made by Project Dream proponents. The group is set to launch its website in just under a week and hopes to present a proposal to Sega.

Sorry fans, I want a second Dreamcast too, but Sega seems about as distant from hardware as a company could be. It’s marquee developer, Creative Assembly, has moved into free-to-play with the Total War series.

But, let’s head down the rabbit hole and see how it would all work. Project Dream wants to use off-the-shelf components to build out the hybrid console. Think a cross between the Steam Machine and the current crop of consoles.

Sega Dreamcast 2 from Project Dream

How will Project Dream catch Sega’s attention? They want to pre-sell one million consoles via crowdfunding. Yeah… If I were Kickstarter or Indiegogo, I’d run like hell from this project.

A million consoles would break all sorts of records, but does little to dent the lead Playstation has in the console wars. It wouldn’t even make Microsoft glance over its shoulder.

From a nostalgia point of view, it sounds great. From a pure business standpoint? It’s one hell of a risk for Sega to even entertain. After the Dreamcast had failed, the company was nearly snuffed out of existence.

Yeah, I’d love some new competition in the hardware space, but we already have it. PC gaming is not dead and offers players limitless customizations. Let Sega stick to what it’s good at. Software.

Sometimes nostalgia is better left right where it sits. In the past. We have the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo and PC. There isn’t much room for new hardware. Still, what’s wrong with a dream. And that’s what Project Dream is all about.

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