Ever been sitting by the campfire and wish you could pitch a tent on the river instead of on the bank? Smithfly has heard those wishes and offers up the Shoal Tent. Think air mattress with a tent on top. Anyone who has slept on an air mattress is wondering just how well the Shoal holds its air.

Smithfly is pushing the tent for January 2018 delivery as being able to camp on any surface. The world is 70% water, why not camp in it? Oh, a couple of reasons off the top. You suddenly remember the film Anaconda. Don’t act like you haven’t watched it. Sure, it was terrible, but we’ve all channel surfed and had the ‘why not’ moment.

smithfly shoal tent

The air chambers deflating and your camping trip suddenly ends with you struggling to shore at 2 am.

But Smithfly will rightly say they aren’t a cheap air mattress company. True, at $1500 for the Shoal Tent, it should have plenty of backups. First, there are no tent poles to puncture the base accidentally. Everything is inflatable.

The raft body is made up of three air chambers, two in the floor and one in the structure. Inside the Shoal Tent is a six-inch high-pressure floor that doubles as the air mattress. The stitched floor inflates to 10 PSI, while the three air chambers handle 3 PSI.

Smithfly has already planned an easy escape if the need arises. The side panels are attached via a heavy duty hook and loop system. If the need to bail arises, unhook and prepare for a refreshing wake up swim.

shoal tent features

Where can you pitch a Shoal Tent? Common sense applies here. Ponds, small creeks, lakes, etc. Raging river? No. Ocean? No. Though catching a few waves inside it would be a blast. Just don’t fall asleep in it. Head over to Smithfly to learn more about the Shoal.

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