Watch Gamers Blitz Classic Games For Charity
Super Mario Kart

Need some inspiration to tackle the backlog of games that grows with every sale? Watch folks blitz through dozens of classic games in a flash.

Awesome Games Done Quick is back at it again this Sunday. A week’s worth of speedrunning games, all for charity. This year, the speedrunning marathon is partnering up with the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

All of us knows someone who is battling cancer. Whether it’s a friend you game with every week or a close family member. Let’s all give cancer the middle finger next week while watching the best rush through our favorite games.

The action gets cranking Sunday with playthroughs of Ape Escape 2, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Shovel Knight and more. And the speedrunning won’t stop for nearly a week. On the night of January 14th, TGH will wrap up the gaming with Undertale.

I’ll be tuning on January 10th to catch Blood_Thunder rip and tear his way through last year’s DOOM. Just over an hour’s worth of fast action and a badass soundtrack? Sign me up!

There should be a little bit of everything for everyone. From Fallout: New Vegas to Super Mario Kart. Scope out the schedule to see if your favorite game is here. I was hoping for an Elder Scrolls game, but I didn’t see one this year. Last year’s Hitman was another I was hoping to see. We do get 40-minute playthrough of Hitman: Blood Money, though.

Check out the schedule, find a game you want to watch and donate a few bucks for a good cause next week.

I’ve embedded the channel below, or you can watch it over at Twitch.

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

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