The DJI Mavic Pro beat the GoPro Karma just barely on the release date. After missing its target release date of October 15th, the company is finally shipping units. DJI is placing the blame on strong demand and initially tried to get ahead of the missed timeframe with a statement:

Since unveiling the Mavic Pro, we’ve had amazingly strong global demand. Production is in full swing, and we will be fulfilling orders as fast as we can.

Not exactly a ton to go on there and forums were lighting up with complaints from early adopters who wanted their orders. Keeping with the quick statements, DJI has now announced orders are being shipped:

As we told you earlier this week, demand is heavy, and we are working round the clock to get the Mavic Pro in your hands. Please check online for updates on your order status.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipping Woes

Not the best in the world of statements, but there is a plausible explanation for what’s happening. Battery shortages. A quick check of various forum discussions both on DJI and other areas show the basic package is shipping. That’s the Mavic Pro, remote, and battery. The Mavic Pro Combo is slowly shipping as it comes with the extra batteries.

What has customers up in arms is the paying full price before shipping. It creates an atmosphere of expectations, and when dates miss, the forum pitchforks emerge. Altogether, it’s not shocking the company missed the deadline. It was announced after the Karma and targeted a release date before the Karma.

From a marketing standpoint, it was quite a coup. Logistically, I don’t think DJI was prepared for the intensity of orders. Particularly on the battery front. The combo package hit the Karma’s top price range and included multiple batteries. That’s way too enticing considering it comes under the price of a Phantom 4.

Those waiting, give it another week or so and the initial crush should ease up. No one likes waiting, especially me, but give the company a bit to make it right. DJI became a victim of their rollout after they trampled on the Karma’s portability and ease of use features.

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