With January nearly in the books, a quick check on the DJI store shows the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 (P4P) and Phantom 4 Advanced models as out of stock. The company is working on three months of leaving its flagship drone listed as not available.  

It brings up an interesting question. Why? At the time, most took it as a sign the Phantom 5 was just around the corner. DJI had the what would be the Osmo Pocket scheduled. Rumors were everywhere on the Phantom 5. Today? Some rumblings, but it’s mostly related to the earlier rumors.

DJI Phantom 5 Rumors

The biggest rumor despite DJI’s persistent denial is the Phantom 5 will feature interchangeable lenses. We’ve seen the pictures of what the company calls a one-off production for an enterprise customer. Right. The problem with the explanation is DJI sells the Inspire 2 which can have interchangeable lenses.

And it’s the images which have most, including me, believing a future Phantom 5 will include a ‘Pro’ version featuring interchangeable lenses. Expectations based on leaked images last year are for the Phantom 5 Pro to have 16, 24, 35 and 50mm lenses. The wides are nice, but it could stand a lens in the 85mm range for a mid-range telephoto.  

Staying with the camera, the base Phantom 5 is rumored to include a Hasselblad-branded one-inch sensor with a 3x optical zoom. Who else feels a Phantom 5 Pro and Zoom incoming?

Other rumors are your standard fare. Most expect the Phantom 5 to get a refreshed design. More aerodynamic, but retaining the look of DJI’s flagship consumer drone. Obstacle avoidance is expected to be upgraded to a full 360-degree system, and the top speed pushed to 55 mph in Sport mode.

Price? Here’s where it gets interesting. The launch of the DJI Smart Controller has the Mavic 2 Pro nearing the $2k mark. Expect the Phantom 5 to eclipse that mark.

What about a release date? I predicted after CES, but that’s come and gone. DJI likes to host their own product events, and the tradeshow calendar heats up in February, so we can cross out Q1. The next likely launch window will come in late April or early May.       

For now, we are in a lull awaiting new leaks or rumors. It’s the nature of the beast. We know it’s coming. It’s a matter of when.

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