It’s a great day to be a kid or an adult who is still a kid at heart. Don‘t judge. DJI unveiled the RoboMaster S1, and it’s safe to say it’s the robot of our dreams as a kid. And it shoots simulated blasters and pellets. No matter how old you are, that’s awesome.

I really could have used this when I won second place in robotics at the Alabama State Science Fair. Yep, I was that kid. I was also that kid who realized I could get out of any class I wanted making me the devious nerd.

How about an announcement video DJI?

The CEO of DJI also spoke on the S1:

“DJI is powered by passionate engineers with the continued desire to push the boundaries of technology. Passion is vital but so is the opportunity to learn and engage with technology at an early age. We developed the RoboMaster S1 with the next generation of innovators in mind, making robotics and programming not just more accessible but also an entertaining and academic experience.”

battle with dji robomaster s1

There’s ‘some assembly required,’ and then there’s the RoboMaster S1. DJI is taking the whole ‘Learn to Win’ to heart and billing the S1 as an educational robot. Users will have to construct the rover out of the box, and it has 46 programmable components. That’s right, you’re learning to code with the RoboMaster S1.

DJI’s included app includes various hands-on learning modules to teach you both Scratch and Python. Scratch is used in schools throughout the United States, while Python will expose you to a programming language used in artificial intelligence.

Enough Learning? RoboMaster S1 Features

Sure, learning to code is great, but it had me at simulated blasters and firing pellets. Battle your friends with either non-toxic gel beads or infrared beams. The tip of the blaster lights up green to simulate fire, and the S1 even mimics recoil for battle conditions. If you’re worried about safety, the beads can be limited by launching rate and angle.

dji robomaster s1 size

Controlling the RoboMaster S1 is done via a smartphone, and if you played any video game, you’ll quickly learn the controls. DJI included a 120-degree FOV camera on a two-axis gimbal. Another feature is the Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that allow omnidirectional movement and precision control. Perfect for making quick escapes.

The ring of light we saw in the teaser video is actually intelligent sensing armor. Each bar represents your health as the S1 senses each hit. It’s probably best to lay an ambush and come out with blasters firing away.

Not feeling the need for a battle? Racing is an option as you can program the S1 to recognize visual markers and push the speed against friends. Then there are the near unlimited programming options. DJI has developed a host of modules to walk beginners and advanced through programming the RoboMaster S1.

RoboMaster S1 Price

$499. With the trade spat between the US and China, that’s remarkably reasonable. Shipments are immediate from the DJI store, and you can buy additional accessories.

Yes, we all wanted a new camera drone. I’m with you, but DJI has been putting on the RoboMasters competitions for years. It’s great to see a consumer product emerge from the competitions.

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