Here’s an interesting piece of information into News Ledge this morning. A contest within the DJI affiliate program is pointing towards the return of the Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 (P4P). Either that or DJI has a weird way of looking for new reviews on a product that has been out of stock longer than it was ever in stock on the DJI storefront.  

DJI phantom 4 pro review contest

What it involves are affiliates within the program applying to review one of three products; the DJI Mavic Mini, the P4P+, or the FPV Fly More Combo. One of the three is not like the others, and it’s the Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0. Two products released in the past six months and one that’s based on a years-old platform? Yeah, something is up. 

A Christmas DJI Phantom4 Pro?

The immediate reaction to the news will be the oft-rumored relaunch will be a holiday surprise. I wouldn’t hold my breath for such a move. These reviews take time to set up and could extend into the new year. I would be shocked to see a rapid turnaround. 

What it could mean is DJI sees enthusiasts clamoring for the Phantom line and has the capacity to quickly spin up manufacturing on a design that is older and already tooled in factories. It’s a damn good market test to see if the Phantom 5 ever sees the light of day. 

Also, the Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0’s one-inch sensor offers two things the Mavic 2 Pro does not. One, it actually uses the full 20 megapixels. And two, 4K video at 60fps. Both features users have been sorely missing. 

And it’s an all-around fantastic prosumer drone. If it were in stock, it would easily be my top drone for sale even today. Yes, the Mavic 2 Pro is outstanding, but portability has its drawbacks. I miss the days of snatching the P4P out of the sky by the landing struts. Trying that on a Mavic involves some quick hands or bloody fingers.

Is it 100 percent making a comeback? Nothing is certain, but the review program is way too specific on the products. The company could have easily added an Osmo over a Phantom, and it’d make perfect sense. Rumors have been consistent the Phantom 4 Pro+ V.20 would make a return. Fresh reviews could herald that return in early 2020 as the company gears up to compete against newly invigorated Autel and the finally shipping Skydio 2 with new product launches

Personally, I want to see the Phantom line live on. There’s more than enough room for a bigger but still portable drone in the market. The Phantom made DJI, and after a tough 2019 thanks to the trade war, maybe a little nostalgia would do the company some good. And give us the Phantom 5 with interchangeable lenses.

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