Update: It’s official. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 has been released for $119.

DJI is set for another product announcement tomorrow as the company ratchets up its release schedule heading into fall. While it’s been quiet on the drone front, the company has managed to have a busy 2019 with a series of Osmo launches. Both the Osmo Pocket and Action were new launches under the Osmo line. 

What does DJI have planned tomorrow? All signs point toward an Osmo Mobile 3. Multiple leaks have all but confirmed the next-generation smartphone gimbal with the QuickStart guide and multiple photos leaking from government regulators. 

The most glaring evidence the fact the Osmo Mobile 2 is out of stock. Granted, DJI tends to let products languish in their store with an out-of-stock message, but for the most part, the company uses it as a signal for a new product launch.

What We Expect from the Osmo Mobile 3

There’s only so much you can do with a smartphone gimbal, but judging by the pictures, the big feature will be its portability. The third generation Osmo Mobile 3 will be able to fold down into a compact footprint, making it easier to drag along on trips. 

DJI will be following in the footsteps of companies like FeiyuTech which has rushed out the release of the VLOG Pocket. You can expect Zhiyun to quickly follow suit as the three rush to match each other in the features department. The products are a hit with vloggers, and for just over $100, your beginner vlogging setup is nearly complete.  

Other features I’d expect are new shot modes. The Freefly Movi is an area DJI should emulate with expansive control of the camera. Adding a barrel roll style shot mode would expand the creativity of the user base and make it a standout when paired with increased portability. 

What is the Next DJI Drone

A potential spoiler for tomorrow’s event could be what rumors are dubbing the Mavic Mini. The leaks have centered around what looks like a prototype model which borrows heavily from the Mavic 2 in terms of design. The foldable legs are essentially a scaled-down version of DJI’s flagship.

Speculation has the Mavic Mini replacing the current Mavic Air, but judging by the specs, that particular rumor strikes me as unfounded. Especially paired with the rumor it will retail for $399. The current Mavic Air already has a 4K camera, and I doubt DJI is suddenly embracing a 50% price cut in the face of US-China trade tensions. A more likely scenario is the Mavic Mini will take the place of the Spark, which like the Osmo Mobile, is out of stock.

The rumored specs line up nicely as an upgraded Spark and DJI is simplifying its product naming scheme as it rapidly expands. If the Mavic Mini pans out as the name, it will place all of DJI’s current consumer drone lineup under the Mavic umbrella. The move would leave the Phantom name open as a potential prosumer model heading into the holidays and potentially as a new launch in 2020. 

It also plays into another persistent rumor the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 will become available again as soon as next month. That’s not confirmed, but it makes sense against the backdrop of DJI waiting until 2020 to release a flagship camera drone. The Phantom 4 is old enough to have most overlook the fact it will not have AirSense, and it would take advantage of the entire 20-megapixel sensor. 

2019 has been busy for DJI and tomorrow looks like another solid launch from the Osmo line. The marketing video essentially gives it away along with the multiple leaks. On the drone front, expect the Mavic Mini sooner rather than later. Hopefully, a new batch of Phantom 4 Pro’s joins it before Christmas. 

As for flagship drone announcements? DJI tends to launch marquee products just after CES. Circle that date range as a potential for a flagship launch on the scale of the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom.

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