2014 In Space Through the Eyes of Google Search
milky way galaxy

Google has released an in-depth look at what terms were the most popular on its search engine. “A Year in Search” lets you explore what we all searched this year. Everything from Ebola to Sochi.

Let’s take a look into the cosmos through the search terms you used in Google.

The ESA’s ‘Rosetta’ mission was extremely popular with searches jumping 29x higher as the probe reached its destination – 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. ESA’s social team deserves a lot of credit with making the mission popular. ‘Philae twitter’ and ‘rosetta selfie’ were saw huge jumps in searches.

Here’s the image that prompted searches for ‘rosetta selfie’ to explode.

Rosetta selfie

Life outside of Earth also generated a ton of buzz. The search term ‘ Goldilocks planet’ saw its best year yet in 2014. A Goldilocks planet describes a planet orbiting a star at just the right distance to support water. The discovery of Kepler 186-f helped push searches for ‘goldilocks zone exoplanet’ up 5x.

Closer to home, the Moon was a big favorite in Google search. It received twice as many searches as the sun this year. Searches for ‘moon’ peaked during the multiple lunar eclipses this year. The ‘moon landing anniversary’ and ‘blood moon’ were also popular throughout the year.

Future astronauts were busy looking up ‘how to become an astronaut.’

Black holes saw renewed interest thanks to Interstellar. Searches for ‘interstellar black hole’ are up 28x since its movie release.

The sound of a comet also proved popular. Thousands, if not millions, of you searched for ‘comet song’ to hear this.

2014 has been an exciting year for the final frontier. Here’s to 2015 being even better.

What was your favorite story of 2014? The Philae landing is hard to beat for me.

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