Facebook’s Sweet New Pad Is One Big Room with a Park on the Roof
facebook new headquarters

Facebook’s new home is one massive room. CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes it as “the largest open floor plan in the world — a single room that fits thousands of people.”

It’s 430,000 square feet of awesome and is known as MPK20. Renowned architect Frank Gehry teamed up with Facebook to make the massive space a reality. Zuckerberg says the building is “pretty simple and isn’t fancy.”

Here’s a handful of photos. What do you think? (I screencapped some of the Instagram photos. Instagram’s embed code is acting a bit wonky right now. Links to the Instagrams are below the images.)


Andrew Blotky’s Instagram


Shali Nguyen’s Instagram


John Barnett’s Instagram

My favorite part of the building? The 9 acre rooftop park. Perfect utilization of space. Zuckerberg says the park is covered “with walking trails and many outdoor spaces to sit and work.” Check out an aerial photo of the the building and its rooftop park. facebook mpk20 I call dibs on the teepee swing. Toss in some cushions and I’ll stay there all day.

Check out the Instagram tags #mpk20firstlook and #mpk20 to see more of Facebook’s new pad.

“Our goal was to create the perfect engineering space for our teams to work together. We wanted our space to create the same sense of community and connection among our teams that we try to enable with our services across the world,” said Zuckerberg.

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