Sorry, Flash. Google has signaled yet another nail in the coffin of the once ubiquitous web technology. Via the company’s Adwords Google+ page, June 30, 2016, is the day Flash loses its battle for a spot on this timeline.

“Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing are now going 100% HTML5.”

Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

On June 30, Google will refuse any new ads into the network created using Flash. You can sound TAPS for it on January 2, 2017, when Google will completely block Flash ads from appearing. If you haven’t switched your display inventory, I suggest you get on it.

Google has been nudging companies to make the switch to HTML5 ads for some time now. It has provided various tools and best practices for making the switch. The carrot has become a stick now that the company is comfortable in forcing its advertisers to comply.

flash banned from Google adwords

Adobe, the creator of Flash, has been rushing to distance itself from the resource hogging tech. It killed off Flash Professional in December, and today announced Adobe Animate. The new program, part of the Creative Cloud, outputs video in HTML5.

There is an exception to Google’s ban hammer. Video ads. The statement from the company gives the ad format a reprieve for now.

“Video ads built in Flash will not be impacted at this time.”

With Adobe pushing Animate CC, don’t expect the reprieve to last long. When the company that created Flash abandons it, the writing is on the wall.

In a way, it’s almost sad to see Flash disappear, but technology evolves. We all want a faster, more accessible web. HTML5 checks the boxes while Flash never adapted to the changing landscape.

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