Better late than never, but the promise of drone (unmanned aerial vehicles) deliveries is one step closer thanks to the FAA granted Google’s drone delivery unit a license to operate in United States airspace.

Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation, lauded the approval. “This is an important step forward for the safe testing and integration of drones into our economy. Safety continues to be our Number One priority as this technology continues to develop and realize its full potential.”

Jeff Bezos was a little too optimistic when he promised we’d have our Amazon packages fired at us from above by now. Instead, it’s Google’s Wing company taking the next leap forward. Wonder how they are planning on selling the data? Does this mean I’ll get landscaping service ads based on my yard?

Wing celebrated the news with a post on Medium. “Air Carrier Certification means that we can begin a commercial service delivering goods from local businesses to homes in the United States.”  

Breakfast via air delivery. Source: Wing

Now you’re asking yourself when I can order something and have it delivered to your yard. If you’re in the Blacksburg-Christiansburg area of Virginia, good news. Wing is already recruiting small businesses who want to test fly the system. Plans are also in motion to begin testing in Europe.

Google, I have an 11-acre yard. Perfect to launch a Google Home speaker into it. Trust me; it would be hard to miss.

While drone deliveries are in its infancy, Google’s Wing isn’t the only game in town. UPS and DHL both have developing programs. And then there’s Amazon who has promised our skies filled with Amazon Prime drones. Now if they can get Whole Foods to deliver, then we are on the right track.

I mean, who doesn’t want a random stranger piloting a drone and checking out your backyard while reading off whatever random list you ordered that day? It should be interesting.

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