This is What Happens When Google’s Robot Designers Get Bored

Karate Kid Robot

What happens when the robotics team at Google-owned Boston Dynamics gets bored? They make their robot do The Karate Kid poses. Check it out in the video below (mute the sound, you’ll thank me).

The Atlas robot, designed by the team at Boston Dynamics, shows great balance as it holds the position atop the cinder blocks. It’s crazy where robotics are right now. Just imagine where it’s going now that huge tech companies are throwing their weight into the sector.

While Boston Dynamics built the robot, the algorithm for the robot to perform the moves was designed by the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Florida.

Ian, the robot above, will be heading to the Robotics Challenge finals next June. According to the Daily Mail, Ian just came in second at the U.S. Government’s Robo-Olympics. At it, Ian was able to walk, carry a fire hose and jump into a car and drive it.

Okay, that’s awesome.

Next time you see the Google Maps car, make sure there’s not a robot driving it.

Here’s another video from last year showing what the ATLAS robot is capable of doing.

Karate Kid Robot
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