You remember when we all thought Justin.tv was nutty as hell? Who would want to watch live broadcasts of regular people going about their lives? It turns out, everyone. Twitter saw Meerkat, a live-streaming video service, using its data and decided to cut them off.

It was a cold turkey break and now comes with a ‘me too’ app in Periscope. Dear god, please don’t use the HTC action camera that actually looks like a periscope.

Periscope does come off as ‘hey, we like your idea Meerkat, thanks.’ In reality, the service was planned, but perception quickly becomes reality in our digital world.

Meerkat was the darling of SXSW, a similar story of how Twitter rose to fame and fortune. Unfortunately for Meerkat, it was built on the back of Twitter’s service. If you believe Twitter, the company says it loves when developers build products that integrate with Twitter.

periscope meerkat

Except when they have a similar product planned, and it happens to be in one of the hottest tech verticals. Periscope started as an independent startup, before it was acquired by Twitter. The day after SXSW wrapped, Twitter announced the acquisition. Coincidence? Hardly. It was the same day Meerkat was cut off.

Meerkat could no longer access follower/following lists on Twitter for new users. Hello growth plateau. Twitter said the decision was “consistent with our internal policy.” And considering their user metrics for Wall Street, awesome timing.

What is Periscope

Would you rather live broadcast your lunch or use multiple filters and three dozen photographs? That’s what Periscope offers. You can live broadcast you daily activities. Damn, look at you going to the gym all the time. Be honest, you bought a second phone and left it there.

The app is user friendly. Authorize it via Twitter, go through the follower/following process and get to broadcasting.

There is a popular video page for those you don’t follow. Gamification comes from the ‘hearts’ you receive. Think of them as Facebook likes. Yeah, an industry just developed for fake hearts. Welcome to Internet marketing.

using periscope twitter

The more hearts you get, the more likely you will make the front page of popular videos. This gets you more followers, and eventually we will read about some random person making 6-figures per month walking their dog.

For now, Periscope is iOS only. Sorry Android. It feels like app companies have developed an apology form just for you. The good news? It should make it on the Google Play store in a matter of weeks.

What do you think? Will you download Periscope to start chronicling your daily life?

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