You’ve probably seen the incredible landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 first stage by now. If not, check it out below.

SpaceX’s landing attempts are always the most exciting part of their launches. But what about the most important part – the supply ship? Astronaut Tim Peake successfully captured Dragon earlier today with the space station’s robotic arm.

7,000 pounds of food, water, science experiments and other gear are now attached to the International Space Station. Among the 7,000 pounds of gear is an inflatable room called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or BEAM.

ISS arm grabs SpaceX Dragon

SpaceX Dragon’s approach

I never tire of the amazing views from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Tim Kopra snapped several incredible images as the SpaceX Dragon capsule closed in on the ISS.

Astronaut Tim Peake, who captured the capsule with the ISS’ robotic arm, had time for a quick image before getting to work.

Here’s my favorite clip from the NASA TV coverage. Watch as the Dragon capsule flies from orbital night to day on its way to the ISS.

Congrats to SpaceX for a smooth launch and a picture perfect first stage landing. And congrats to NASA and the ISS crew for successfully capturing the Dragon capsule.

The International Space Station is turning into a space parking lot. Six spacecraft are currently docked to the space station. Because of this, there’s going to be a break with spaceflights to the ISS for a couple of months. Cygnus and SpaceX will be sending their next supply missions up on June 24 (scheduled date).

The next manned missions will be on June 5 when Tim Kopra, Tim Peake and Yuri Malenchenko come back to Earth. Their replacements, Anatoli Ivanishin, Takuya Onishi and Kate Rubins, will head to the ISS on June 21.

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