The Air Force X-37B is back on Earth today. At 9:24 a.m. PT, the X-37B landed at Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

Colonel Keith Balts, commander of the 30th Space Wing, had this to say in a statement.

“The 30th Space Wing and our mission partners, Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, Boeing, and our base support contractors, have put countless hours of hard work into preparing for this landing and today we were able to see the culmination of that dedication.”

“I’m extremely proud of our team for coming together to execute this third safe and successful landing. Everyone from our on console space operators to our airfield managers and civil engineers take pride in this unique mission and exemplify excellence during its execution.”

The X-37B spent 674 days above the Earth before landing today. It’s the third flight for the X-37B program and the longest.

Details about the X-37B’s mission and its payload have been hard to come by. The Air Force has been mum on the subject as the project is officially classified.

What we do know is that the X-37B resembles a smaller version of the retired space shuttle. No human pilots the space plane as it is remotely operated and lands on its own. As for what it may carry? Only the Air Force knows.

So, what do you think? Space weapon, or the Air Force conducting boring experiments. Space weapon sounds a lot cooler, but I’m leaning towards boring experiments.

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