The house that Steve Jobs envisioned is getting closer by the day to completion. Apple will have one hell of an HQ when the Apple Campus 2 opens for business.

Recently, YouTuber Matthew Roberts took everyone on an aerial tour of the construction progress at the site.

Someone was taking a liberal view of CA’s marijuana laws when selecting the song for the video. What in the hell? But, that’s why there are mute buttons. Turn your sound off and enjoy the view of Apple’s future home.

Matt eventually agreed, publishing a version with more sedate music.

I feel for the person that forgets something in their car and happens to be on the other side of the building. Better pack for an overnight stay at the halfway point. In total, the campus will encompass 176 acres. Does that mean we are getting something other than a phone?

Jokes aside, the building is coming together. Glass with more glass and a side of glass. I’m half-expecting Elon Musk to attach rockets to the thing for when Skynet goes live.

Lobby of future Apple Campus 2

You can get an idea of the sense of scale at the 1:38 mark. A Jeep crests a hill overlooking the entire campus. Damn…

A few of the creature comforts at the campus will include a 100,000 square foot fitness center. Wonder what Apple would think if you showed up decked out in Android wearables?

Two parking structures will fit a combined 11,000 cars. 1,000 bikes will be available to employees on the grounds. Biking and jogging trails will be scattered throughout the grounds.

When will it open? During the ‘Loop Us In’ event for the iPhone SE, Tim Cook mentioned 2016 would mark the last year of product launch keynotes in San Francisco. 2017 will be the grand unveiling of the Apple Campus 2 auditorium.

Matthew is compiling monthly construction updates on his channel. You can compare February’s progress (video titled March) with the video(s) above.

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