After a couple of misfires including one of the oddest looking one takes I’ve seen, the marketing team at Warners Bros. have their act together for the final Aquaman trailer before its release.

All the iffy CG looks cleaned up for the most part. Black Manta looks about as good as can be expected. We all want the underwater scenes anyways, and it’s where James Wan and the cast shine. Out of all the recent DCEU movies, Aquaman looks to be joining Wonder Woman in righting the ship after Justice League and Suicide Squad.

It’s pure popcorn, and with a relatively weak release schedule near Christmas, Aquaman could serve as the megahit the DCEU desperately needs as it looks to revamp the universe. The one possible roadblock in its way is Bumblebee. The Travis Knight directed Transformers looks great in trailers and hopefully will breathe new life into the franchise after Michael Bay kept making the same movie over and over.

We will find out on December 21 what audiences want to see. Aquaman or a new look Transformers.

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