ISS crew members willing to grab the camera and post on Twitter are met with a huge following. Randy Bresnik was a Marine Aviator before he became an astronaut and current Commander of the ISS Expedition 53.

In between his many duties aboard the ISS, Bresnik takes the time to capture an incredible picture of Earth and share his experience 254 miles above Earth with the rest of us.

But Bresnik started adding a little something extra on some of his recent pictures. Take the stunning Serene Lake Bled in Slovenia. Right beside the incredible picture from space is another one showing us what it looks like if we were there.

How about the tropical paradise of Bora Bora?

It looks stunning no matter the angle.

I hope Bresnik keeps going with his #OneWorldManyViews series. It’s an awesome look at the beauty Earth and its cultures offer from high above and right beside it.

Bresnik’s Twitter feed lately highlighted Hurricane Irma. You can even see some of its effects on tiny island nations way up in space.

You can see how the hurricane’s rain and wind churned up water near the coasts.

This view of the Turks and Caicos is especially striking.

Bresnik, better known by his nickname Komrade, joined the ISS crew in late July. You can expect plenty more pictures on Twitter as Bresnik won’t be back on Earth until December.

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