What the hell Warner Bros.? 2.5 hours of something completely forgettable with the tease there are 30 minutes in the special edition Blu-ray. After walking out of the theater, I was horrified at the prospect of what was so bad, it didn’t make the final film.

Wait… Why wasn’t this in the movie? If they needed the runtime to sync up, the studio could have taken the slow motion capture of the howitzer ejecting the shell at Superman’s funeral out. Your 44 seconds freed up.

For those curious about the sequence, the scene takes place after the battle with Doomsday. Lex Luthor has lost, and US forces move in to capture him. Following the deleted scene should be the sequence where Lex Luthor gets his shaved head look.

Instead, we were treated to not one, not two, but three separate Superman memorials/funerals. How many times were we going to be hit over the head that Superman is supposedly dead? Get the man to a sunny beach.

Communion Batman v Superman Scene

The deleted scene sets the stage for the Justice League films. Earlier in the movie, we got to see Wonder Woman check her email and introduce us to a few of the Justice League members.

The one pertinent to the deleted scene is Cyborg. Dr. Silas Stone is creating the character and in the scene we see the Motherbox – a piece of tech that ties heavily into the Justice League villain teased in the film.

batman v superman knightmare scene

During the Knightmare sequence, we see the Omega symbol burned into the landscape. Comic fans know that’s the symbol of Darkseid. Think Thanos for the DC universe. From the planet Apokolips, he’s a godlike figure that is essentially unstoppable.

The motherbox technology is from Apokolips and is pivotal to the deleted scene. In it, we see something that looks like Satan with multiple boxes who dissolves once it spots the soldiers moving in on Luthor.

Who are we seeing? More than likely, it’s not Darkseid, but one of his generals. Then again, during the prison sequence, Luthor spoke of knowledge gained from the crashed Kryptonian ship.

“God is dead. He’s hungry, and he’s coming,” Lex warns Batman in the scene. Could have done without the repetitive ding, ding, ding in the scene, but the deleted scene pulls it together in a way you’re not shaking your head at the theatrical cut.

Batman v Superman Director’s Cut

With the first deleted scene out, it makes me wish they would have left it all in for the theatrical release. Hell, I already felt like I was grafted to the chair in the theater. What’s another 30 minutes?

Especially if something this interesting was left on the cutting room floor.

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