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We have more leaks for the forthcoming DJI Avata Cinewhoop drone. We are getting some questionable renders instead of battered test units like with the Inspire 3. The first of the actual cinewhoop looks solid. It’s the rumored FPV goggles that look, shall we say, a little squeezed. Actually, it could double as a cheap batman cowl for cosplay. 

Add these new images to the already leaked testing unit we saw in May:

In addition to the visual leaks, we have some of the rumored specs which have the DJI Avata supposedly on par with the DJI Mini 3 Pro in terms of video and photo quality. Looking at the images, it’s tough to see how DJI pulls that off until you realize they aren’t constricted by the 250-gram weight restrictions of the Mini 3 Pro. 

Leaks have the DJI Avata tipping the scales at 500 grams. That leaves plenty of room for a solid camera and larger batteries.

One of the criticisms of the Cinewhoop market has always been battery life. It’s been a constant battle of shaving weight to get the most flight time. DJI seems to be looking for a sweet spot on weight to give room for its advancing battery technology that keeps pushing flight times further. 

DJI Avata Release Date? It’s still not set in stone, but the latest rumors have it being announced in July. 

Unknowns surrounding the DJI Avata are the price and exact camera specs. Will we get 4K60p? That seems to be the minimum. And then price. Inflationary pressures are pushing everything higher, so can they keep the Avata sub $1000? What about DJI moving towards a solution like GoPro with its Hero Black Bones edition?

While having an all-in-one Cinewhoop will be great, DJI is missing a market opportunity by not developing an ecosystem where the products across the company can be merged together to create solutions tailored to what the end-user wants to create.

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