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If the DJI Mini 3 Pro wasn’t your style, another DJI camera drone is leaking for a possible summer release. Say hello to the DJI Avata, a three-inch CineWhoop camera drone for indoor use. Sure, you can take it outdoors, but wind resistance will not be on par with the Mavic series of drones. 

Two Twitter accounts that are known leakers have posted pictures of the forthcoming DJI product in recent days. You can see this has gone through extensive testing, or the person with Avata has no clue how to fly. Regardless, it’s built to take a beating. 

Either that’s a design choice, or this particular unit has smacked more than a few walls. 

Another bit of information is the DJI Avata was first rumored in 2020, but we all know the state of the world, so it is not surprising there was a delay. The pandemic caused just about every supply chain to snap, and most companies are still dealing with the repercussions today. 

dji avata
Image Credit: OsitaLV

DJI Avata features. According to the leaks, the camera will support 1080p at 60fps with a single-axis gimbal. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) has come a long way, so this makes sense. The video output will be smooth. It should be an all-in-one system with up to 4km video transmission range under perfect conditions. If it’s like the older DJI FPV system, the Avata should be easy to fly with plenty of safety features baked in.

Battery Life. Most Cinewhoops suffer from limited battery life, so DJI will have to work some magic to keep the Avata in the air. One potential solution is to sacrifice weight for flight time. Forget keeping it under 250 grams and boost the battery life in conjunction with the motors.

Camera. A 1080p camera is a decent first attempt, but I can already see enthusiasts slapping GoPros and DJI Osmo Actions to get 4K footage. DJI should follow in the footsteps of GoPro and offer a stripped-down Osmo Action to give 4K footage. 

DJI Avata Release Date? Summer. These types of leaks point to a sooner rather than later release. The company will want to strike during the summer months when customers are looking for unique products to capture new content for social media and YouTube. It also frees up the fall for a potential flagship release in time for the holiday shopping season.

Image Credit: Unsplash

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