Whoever the Warner Brothers casting director is for Suicide Squad, opened up the rolodex and threw it against the wall. The big names sound interesting. Will Smith as Deadshot. Jared Leto as the Joker. Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg. The rest of the squad is rounded out by Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn; Cara Delevingne as Enchantress; and Jai Courtney as Boomerang.

One, Will Smith as Deadshot reminds me instantly of Wild Wild West, something I’m sure Smith wants us to forget. This is the first time we will see the Joker on the big screen, after Heath Ledger’s awesome performance.

Jesse Eisenberg is in negotiations to reprise his role as Lex Luthor for the film. I really need to see Man of Steel 2 to wrap my head around that casting call.

You’ll recognize Tom Hardy as the guy that played Bane in the final Nolan Batman movie. DC and Warner Brothers are already staking out a tentpole date – August 2016. Trying to pull a Guardians of the Galaxy?

Scripting and directing duties fall to David Ayer, fresh off his World War II tank thriller ‘Fury.’

After watching the CW’s The Arrow, I’m excited for a Suicide Squad movie. It has the potential to be DC’s Guardians-type movie. It jumps out of the superhero mold and goes into that lovable gray area. In the case of the Suicide Squad, they are decidedly villains. Choosing between something good, something bad or a bit of both is easy with this crew.

Where the movie could derail is the cast of Amanda Waller. Variety is reporting that the film’s first choice is Oprah. Umm, what? Oprah? Look, if we all get free tickets and a cruise, then sure, pick Oprah.

I know people don’t think the CW’s slate of actors can jump into the DC silver screen, but Amanda Waller’s character could. Cynthia Addai-Robinson plays the character perfectly. Borderline evil and the ends justify the means. Plus, she was in Spartacus. That alone sells me.

Casting should firm up quickly as production needs to hit the ground running. If you’re a comic book fan, Hollywood has you covered for at least the next decade. Summer will be a nonstop train of Marvel vs DC. Sounds great as long as the studios can avoid fatigue. So far, everything is firing on all cylinders.


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