From space even the most destructive forces of nature have a mesmerizing beauty to them. The International Space Station soared 250 miles above Hurricane Matthew yesterday afternoon. Cameras attached to the outside of the station captured the monster storm as it churned towards Haiti (it made landfall this morning).

Island nations in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the east coast of the United States are going to feel the brunt of Hurricane Matthew. If you near the coast between Florida and Virginia, you need to pay close attention to this storm.

Watch the ISS pass above Hurricane Matthew live

NASA keeps a livestream of ISS viewing Earth up nearly all the time. Check out the link here. Now all you need to know where exactly the space station is located. This website handles that. Right now, the ISS is flying over the Pacific Ocean just east of Australia.

A quick look at the livestream shows nothing but darkness. That will change any minute. You’ll see the sunrise as the space station flies over New Zealand.

Seeing Hurricane Matthew is going to be trickier today compared to the video posted yesterday. The ISS orbit is going much further east. You should still be able to see the extensive cloud cover from the storm, but the eye is probably out of the question.

Keep tabs on the livestream and the ISS tracker over the next few days to get a chance to see Hurricane Matthew from space.

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