John Wick is trying to relax after racking up a healthy body count, but the Assassin world just won’t let him. Another big player is in need of John Wick’s skills and Mr. Wick just isn’t in the mood. He turns him down and ends up with another kill contract placed on his head. This time, the contract has gone international. It’s John, his dog and a badass ride against a whole bunch of trained killers in John Wick Chapter Two.

Yep, that’s a John Wick trailer. And yep, I want to see it now.

First off, John Wick’s dog doesn’t die. At least, not when his house gets taken out with a grenade launcher. We see his dog chilling beside Wick while his house burns. At least we know John Wick isn’t a revenge story about a dead dog. Nope, it looks like it’s going to be simpler. John is tired of being used and is just going to kill everyone. Works for me.

The folks behind the first film heard what John Wick fans wanted. More backstory about the Assassin world. We catch a glimpse when our bad guy “opens an account” for John Wick. You can see what looks like a whole building where Assassins call in to setup accounts. That’s Assassin speak for a kill contract. Our bad guy is upping the stakes big time with a contract worth $7 million. In the first John Wick, Viggo placed a contract worth just $2 million.

I hope the director lean heavy into the world of Assassins. We saw teases of it in the first film with gold coins and The Continental Hotel.

But most importantly, the folks behind the camera need to get the action right. Stick with what worked in the first film (long shots of action) and I’ll be happy. From the short snippets of action we’ve seen, it looks like they are doing just that. About half way through the trailer, we see John Wick take out five guys without a cut. Can you imagine what the same scene would look like in Taken?

Finally, we have Morpheus asking “somebody please get this man a gun?” Is Laurence Fishburne’s character talking to John Wick? Are Morpheus and Neo teaming up?

John Wick Chapter Two could easily fall into the trap of having a mediocre sequel. We won’t know if it can avoid that fate until February, but the trailers I’ve seen so far look outstanding. As long as the action is as good as the first one, Chapter Two will go down as another action classic.

What do you think of the trailer? What parts of the world of Assassins would you like to see more of?

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