DJI rs3 announcement date

DJI sent out a teaser for a product launch on June 15. We don’t have to do anything crazy to the image to deduce what is coming down the pipeline. Right in the middle of the promotional picture is ‘Ronin,’ depicting what will most likely be the launch of the DJI RS3. 

Looking at the picture, we see ‘Ronin’ in the middle, with what looks to be a camera above it. If the Ronin 4D is anything to go by, the likely product will be a Lidar sensor to help maintain perfect focus in demanding environments. The bottom portion of the teaser photo is almost assuredly a video transmitter that has already been leaked via FCC filings. 

dji rs3 fcc

Then we have further leaked product pictures from the usual Twitter accounts that get most of the DJI rumors and leaks correct:

What about the DJI Avata or DJI Inspire 3? Extremely doubtful. DJI would be pulling out all the marketing stops with teaser videos, and we would have a lot more leaks surrounding a camera drone. I’d count on the Avata Cinewhoop sometime later this summer, and the Inspire series of camera drones enjoy the fall release date calendar.

Image Credit: Unsplash

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