Does Fox ball up scripts and throw them against the wall to see which sticks? The network must because it’s the only explanation for how Lethal Weapon (Fox bills it as a drama) was picked up.

Yeah, that’s an official trailer. I thought I was watching a cheap knockoff of the original movies. Maybe I should just admit it. In the words of Danny Glover:

lethal weapon gif

What in the hell is going on? Someone at Fox miss the memo on the trainwreck that was Rush Hour on CBS? The show lasted seven episodes before it was mercifully canceled.

It is Fox, and it’s not sci-fi, so the show has a fighting chance. And, give it up for Major Payne emerging from retirement. The show may look ridiculous, but seeing Damon Wayans back on the screen is never a bad thing. Now, get a new agent.

The networks being concerned about the rising dominance of Netflix is understandable. But flipping through your old DVD collection strikes me as the exact opposite of what you should do.

Especially when it comes to cult classics like Lethal Weapon. And quit shoehorning every gag from the movies into the damn show. It doesn’t invoke nostalgia. It makes me wish Mel Gibson wasn’t completely nuts.

Fox and 24: Legacy

Let’s keep the hits, or future cancellations, coming. I was looking forward to 24: Legacy when news broke it was picked up. No Jack Bauer? Not a fan of the decision, but he’s the executive producer, so it can’t be awful, right?

And I was wrong. The trailer doesn’t look finished. The CG is off during the construction site scene. 24 was never about CTU. It was about Jack Bauer being a one man wrecking crew.

24 Legacy trailer

The show was notorious for getting bogged down with side plots as the seasons progressed. Now it works as a 12-episode event series. The trailer showed off multiple side plots that will only annoy viewers.

APB Looks Good But

Oh, I had high hopes when I saw the trailer for APB.

And then I remembered it’s on Fox. It skews towards sci-fi. Any hope you have of this making it a full season should be checked at the door. And exactly how many cop shows does Chicago need?

Fox is constantly trying to walk back the Almost Human series – how the hell can you cancel a show with Karl Urban in it?

It went to a reboot of Minority Report with less sci-fi. Canceled. And now APB. Hey, crime fighting app, normal cars, the baddest looking taser ever and what appears to be an Inspire 1 drone.

Imagine a watered down Almost Human and Minority Report. Mix in some Robocop and you have a show. Out of the three shows, it looks the best and most likely to be canceled.

Hey, at least we have Netflix and cable. Sci-fi has returned to Syfy with shows like The Expanse and Netflix has announced Altered Carbon, a 10-part series based on the 2002 Richard K. Morgan novel.

But Lethal Weapon? Out of all three, come on Fox. Movie to TV shows have failed spectacularly, and you want another? I’ll give APB a shot because I want it to work. Lethal Weapon? Pass. 24: Legacy? Please tell us there’s another trailer.

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