Ask anyone who plays PC games and they will tell you that gaming notebooks are no match for a custom gaming rig. There’s only so much you can stuff into a notebook. This limitation is why Nvidia releases mobile versions of their desktop graphics cards like the GeForce 860M or the GeForce GTX 980M.

That limitation is going by the wayside. Nvidia is making a huge announcement today. Desktop graphics in a notebook.

“A long list of achievements, never seen before on notebooks, includes lightning-fast 7 Gbps memory, 4-8 phase power supplies, overclocking headroom, unlocked GPUs and CPUs, fan control and to top it all off — a desktop GeForce GTX 980 GPU,” a Nvidia blog post reads.

That’s right. You can overclock. Nvidia says, “there are no ceilings to turbocharging your performance,” thanks to their cooling solutions and carefully designed power delivery systems.

Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain at max settings is great and all, but the real news is on the VR front. These new notebooks will meet the recommended specs for Oculus Rift.

One of the main requirements for running the upcoming consumer version of Oculus Rift is a desktop card. With a GeForce GTX 980 GPU squeezed into a notebook, that requirement is met.

Besides VR, you can also hook up these new gaming notebooks to multiple displays. This is as close to desktop power as notebooks have ever been.

notebook multiple monitors

The new gaming notebooks will also come with Nvidia G-SYNC display technology. Nvidia is working alongside Aorus, ASUS, MSI and Clevo to get these gaming notebooks ready this fall. Check out a couple of them below.





That second monster? That’s the ASUS GX700VO. The crazy looking attachment on the back is a liquid cooling dock. I’m all for gaming notebooks, but that thing looks ridiculous. If your notebook needs a cooling attachment, it’s time to just get a PC.


You gotta give props to Nvidia for figuring out a way to cram a GTX 980 into a notebook. Granted some of them (I’m looking at you ASUS) look like they weigh well north of 20 pounds. But, there is a market for gaming notebooks. With the power gap between PCs and notebooks narrowing big time, I can see some people going this route for an upgrade. Me? I’ll stick to building my own PCs.

What do you think of Nvidia squeezing one of their best GPUs into a notebook? More importantly, how many of you are going to buy that insane ASUS with the Liquid Cooling Dock?

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